Markus is based in Los Angeles. Working in features, television and commercials, his projects include Netflix’s “I Think You Should Leave” and “Death to 2021,” as well as Vanishing Angle’s THE SECRET ART OF HUMAN FLIGHT and the Sundance nominated CLARA’S GHOST.

Markus worked under established cinematographers Barry Ackroyd, BSC, Brandon Trost, Dean Semler, ASC, and Tak Fujimoto, ASC on features such as THE BIG SHORT (Paramount), DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL (Sony Classics), DETROIT (Annapurna), SWEET GIRL (Netflix), and THE DISASTER ARTIST (New Line).

Taking advantage of low light levels inspired by practical lighting, Markus employs a naturalist approach to cinematography. Guided by story, his handheld style provides actors with the freedom to improvise and his choices in vintage cameras and lenses emphasize the atmospherics of each project.

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